Thursday, August 30, 2007

An Autumn Mystery

Sign-ups are now being taken for the next Mystery Shawl to begin on Saturday, September 15. There is a slight price increase, due to the extensive amount of time that it takes to get the files ready and manage the group, but it is still less than a regular pattern on my website.

There is an Autumn theme to this shawl so any "fall" colors will work for this - reds, oranges, golds, dark greens, browns; or any handpainted yarn with a mixture of any of these colors. More information is listed on the website.

Please make sure that you provide your Yahoo ID when you order so I know who has paid when I go over the member list. Some of you have different email addresses for your Yahoo ID than what you use when you order and sometimes it's difficult to figure out who you are.

If you are not already in the group you will need to join to be added and please remember that you will not be added until the day of the first clue.

Visit Goddess Knits to sign up.

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