Friday, June 06, 2008

"Eye of The Storm"

The name for the tornado shawl - I think it's appropriate. I've decided to make it triangular because of the yardage for the yarn I plan to use. I originally thought about making it square and using a different yarn but then I remembered I had another yarn that would be better.


From Yarn Chef called "Buttercream" in colorway "Calm" - also appropriate. I was planning on using this for a Winter Mystery Shawl but when I remembered I had this I thought this was perfect, mostly because of the color name but the colors themselves also, blues, purples and grays. Don't think this is a regular colorway but maybe you can request it. I did notice she has a "Thunderstorms" colorway up now, that would work as well.
More info to come...


shortoldlady said...

Yarn Chef has some lovely colors. Can you tell us if one skein will be enough??


Sharon said...

I can't wait to see it. Your patterns are always so gorgeous.

Renee said...

Yes, one skein will be enough :)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing your new work of art!
Sandra Singh