Monday, July 09, 2012

Needing Online File Management?

I'll try to make this not seem like an ad :)

I needed an online file management resource so I came across one called Dropbox. What I liked about it was that I got a good amount of free space, I don't really need a lot right now, plus you can access your files from anywhere you have an internet connection - including any internet capable devices, such as your phone or iPad. You can upload any type of content - photos, videos, PDF files, other document files - and you can share folders for other people to view. You don't have to go to the website to upload your files, and you don't have to use FTP to upload anything. You can install the software on your computer, then you can copy files directly to the Dropbox folders on your desktop. Whenever you add new files, it automatically updates all of your locations (computer, iPad, etc). Plus they have a free app on iTunes to download. There are also ways to earn additional free space, right away, including referring other people.

So, I'm posting My Link here. If you use my link to sign up for a free account - I did mention it was FREE right? - you will automatically get an extra 500mb of space on your account (and so will I). Then you can earn more free space for your account by completing a few tasks, and referring other people!

You will need to install the desktop application on your computer, after you sign up, before the free storage space is applied.

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KnittyFred said...

You can also get an RSS feed for it which gives you a daily report of the previous day's activities in addition to the little on screen pop notification you get when things are added/amended/deleted. The only downside is if you're away from the PC when the notification pops up :( You can right click and see recently changed files. However, if it's only the one person accessing the Dropbox it's not an issue :)